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Cross Country Team Travels to Disney World
wilwood catholic cross country On Wednesday October 3rd the cross country team flew to Florida to spend a few days enjoying the Disney theme parks and participating in a cross country race. As soon the team arrived in Florida for the next two days they enjoyed time in all of the parks and eating lots of dole whips and drinking a lot of coffee. On Friday both teams raced, and the girls team came in 4th while the boys placed 5th. Senior Chris Johnson placed 7th overall, which was one of the best performances by a Wildwood Catholic student in recent years. While the team enjoyed a lot of fun time during their 5-day trip, it had a good showing in the races as well. The team is headed into championship season and hope to be successful in their upcoming meets.

An Unsung Hero of Wildwood Catholic
There are many things in this school that the student body and much of the faculty take for granted. All the little things that tie the school together so nicely and many of the most important aspects of a thriving school are thanks to a man who doesn't get nearly enough credit for what he does: the lights, the doors, the painting, the desks, and just about everything that you touch in this school is here and working all thanks to one person. Mr. Uetz, the school custodian and ever-faithful handyman. He is here every single day and most days in the summer working tirelessly to work out all the kinks of how things flow in the building. Most people have no idea how much he does for this school, with little to no help at all. He is also an incredible man and a very sociable person, both easy to talk to and extremely kind. Take a moment to appreciate how much he does and thank him for everything that he does when you see him in the hallway. Thank you for everything Mr. Uetz.

Boys Soccer
For the past 4 years the soccer team was stacked with a class of athletes. Beck Lindsay, Rakim Coyle, Jared Wallace, Tyler Mericle, Jonathan Feraco, Taylor Ontrup, Jack Hendee, and Irving Fennocchio. They won numerous titles and had a successful four years. That class graduated and now the team is rebuilding and adapting to a new coach, Jim Lushok. To date the team is 1-6, with a win against Holy Spirit, the team still shows a lot of potential. Their one victory over Holy Spirit with the score of 7-3, the team showed much potential with Senior’s Giacomo Antonicello, aka Mo, and Nathan Yhost who both scored for Wildwood Catholic. A new junior, Sean Dougherty, put up 4 of the 7 goals, along with Cj Deegler (junior) who also scored 1 for Catholic. Juniors Matt Vodges and Tommy Bolle provided a solid defense. New goalie, junior Tyler Cruz also made 7 stops during that game. We look forward to seeing them get their second win over Holy Spirit on October 2nd. Although their record is disappointing, the team continues to work hard and goes in every game with a good attitude.

Boy’s Cross Country
The Wildwood Catholic boys’ cross country team had a good start to the season with a win over Holy Spirit and Middle Township high schools on September 11. Chris Johnson won the race, with Eric Feria coming in third, Johnny Manera got 7th followed by Cole and Neil McIntyre. In the next meet on the 18th, the boys defeated Buena and Lower Cape May on their home course. The boys have four wins after the first two races of the season. The team is led by team captain Chris Johnson with five other seniors constituting a strong and hard working core. A team goal is to win the united conference this year. Johnny Manera says “If you’re not first you're last,” quoting his favorite movie which drives him to run hard. The boys hope to win the Big Five on Friday Sept. 28 for the second year in a row.

Girls Soccer Beats Holy Spirit
On Wednesday September 12, Wildwood Catholic Girls Soccer team beat Holy Spirit for the first time in years. The girls triumphed 2-1. Sophomore Leona Macrina was a key player in the game with multiple saves and smart decisions in the goal. Goals were scored on the opposing team by Marianna P and Ivy Bolle. Senior Bella Feraco was an essential player positioned as a defensive midfielder. The girls started off the season with a 6-0 win over Cape May Tech. They are a growing threat to other teams in the games yet to come.

Girls Cross CountryHas Its First Win of the Season
On September 11, the girls cross country team had their first win over rivals Holy Spirit and Middle Township. The team was led by senior Erin Connelly followed by senior Joelle Osborne, sophomore Aliya Gray-Rivera, seniors Sophie Peters and Lauren Sorensen and freshman Sammy Andress. This race was a big debut race for Andress, she was the tiebreaker that lead our girls to victory. On September 18, the girls defeated Lower Cape May and Buena with the same order as the first race.