Wildwood Catholic High School

Academic Life

Wildwood Catholic High School provides a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum, high standards, and dynamic classroom settings. Student-led discussions are prevalent and coincide with our belief in the virtue of small classes and in the benefits of active dialog and debate. Learning at Wildwood Catholic High School has to do with knowing the teacher and the subject matter, and we celebrate the growth that takes part at the heart of our challenging and enlightening process.

Course planning at Wildwood Catholic High School is an individualized process. Students have the option of Honors or Non-Honors level courses. There is a minimum grade requirement of a C+ in order to maintain placement in Honors level courses. When applicable, course levels are assigned by department heads on the basis of academic proficiency.

Parents and students receive grades and written comments four times a year {at the end of each marking period}, and at various additional academic checkpoints when necessary. Both parents and students have access to Ren Web, our records management software, allowing for up to date notice of assignments and grades. Parents are encouraged to email faculty and/or administration with any concerns or questions throughout the school year.